Front Office 

Cintia, Manager

It’s no surprise that Cintia is drawn to the beauty and grace of flamingos because she approaches her daily duties and occasional challenges with equal poise and professionalism. While her sweet Argentinian smile brightens everyone's day at the office it’s extra special to her daughter, their dog Eldo, and their two cats Olivia and Blue.

Gina, Reception

While nice people are known to put a smile on Gina’s face, all of us at LPDG know that Gina’s sweet, kind and gentle personality puts a smile on the faces of everyone around her. She’s an Indie music loving grandmother who helps make LPDG a peaceful environment to hang out at long after your child’s dental appointment is complete

Gary, Insurance

Peace, love and harmony are three words that describe Gary, our tie dye loving Insurance coordinator. His level headed nature makes him the prefect person to help parents navigate the complex insurance world while his knowledge of homeopathic remedies keeps us healthy all year long.

Yara, Reception

Yara's friendly smile is one of the first things you see when you enter our office.  For those first moments, she enjoys interacting with the little ones to help ensure they feel comfortable and welcomed. She is a dog loving new mom who likes spending her weekends enjoying great Italian food with her family  and good friends.

Nancy, Reception

No surprise Disneyland is Nancy's favorite place to vacation because her smart, caring, and patient personality fits right in at the "happiest place on earth."  While she enjoys helping parents find the right time for their child's next dental visit, the excitement in the children's eyes  when she gives them a prize for a job well done at the dentist puts a smile on her face every time. 

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