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The doctors and staff of the Lasky Pediatric Dental Group have deep roots in the San Fernando Valley community as most live in the area. They’re not only focused on being dentists for kids, all are committed to giving back to their surrounding communities, the city of Los Angeles and the world at large. They participate in variety of pediatric dental service initiatives and other organizations they feel drawn to because they benefit children. Below are some of the notable highlights of how the kids’ dentists in the Lasky Pediatric Dental Group “family” makes the lives of others just a little bit brighter.

Lasky Pediatric Dental Halloween Candy Buy Back
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Lasky Pediatric Dental Halloween Candy Buy Back

For the past four years, Lasky Pediatric Dental Group has joined in on the “Great Halloween Candy Buy Back.” Started by Operation Gratitude, it asks parents and children to donate their unopened & wrapped candy to their organization which distributes thousands of care packages to our troops overseas.

This year, Lasky Pediatric Dental Group is asking their patients and families and the entire community to bring their leftover Halloween candy to their office at 12930 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 226C, Studio City, CA. to exchange for cash or prizes. They are giving $1 per pound up to 5 pounds of candy or children can choose a cute stuffed animal. Whatever they decide, it’s a great way to teach children about giving to others in need and a great way to start the holiday season.

To drop off your candy see their pediatric dental office hours posted on the home page and will be accepting candy during regular office hours. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call the office: 818-465-7545.

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Autism Awareness Month 2016
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Autism Awareness Month 2016

Saturday April 2, 2016, was World Autism Awareness day and L.A’s Autism Speaks Walk marked the official kick-off of our city’s celebration of Autism Awareness Month,  a worldwide movement consisting of a series of events and fundraisers to educate and enlist support of those not directly affected by someone with autism. Dr. Micheal and Dr. Jill Lasky are longtime supporters of the L.A. event and its founding organization Autism Speaks.  Over the past few years, the Lasky Pediatric Group team has participated in this fundraising walk or have supported patients’ families who had created walking teams.

This year, the Autism Speaks Walk 2016 raised over $1.2 million dollars which will go to support research, education, and family support programs. For more information about Autism Speaks or to make a donation help them meet their goal, please go to the Autism Speaks Los Angeles Walk 2016  website.

Autism Speaks LA Walk 2015The Lasky Pediatric Dental Group holds their young patients on the autism spectrum as well as those with other special needs in a special place in their heart.  Many parents come to find the Lasky Pediatric Dental group after many years and just as many unsuccessful attempts to get their child proper pediatric dental care with or without sedation. Dr. Michael and Dr. Jill are known for their high success rate in caring for special needs children with no sedation, although they have it just in case.  The Drs. Lasky and their team of dental assistants, hygienists, and even the front desk personnel, are all highly experienced and sensitive to the needs of these very special patients and their families.

How do Dr. Michael and Dr. Jill  succeed where some other pediatric dentists may fail? Both of their Studio City and Tarzana offices were specifically designed to look like an average a living room, with couches, chairs and a child’s play area.  The one thing you won’t find in their offices, are TVs or video games, also purposefully done to prevent  overstimulating all of their young patients.

A young patient gets a pediatric dental exam on Dr. Jill Lasky's lap.Again, while many pediatric dentists prefer to sedate the special needs or highly fearful patient, Dr. Michael and Dr. Jill may use
it as a very last resort. Their gentle and effective method – scheduling several short visits over weeks or months, as long as it takes – eases a child into the dental experience.  Plus, the Drs. Lasky will treat a child where she or he is more comfortable which can be in their home-like waiting room, on the floor near the toy box or on a parent’s lap. Other siblings or family members are also invited to participate in the “treatment” of the child to make him or her more at ease.

It’s a very happy day for all, when one of their special needs patients allows Dr. Michael or Dr. Jill to look in their mouth and proceed with an exam. Some parents say that their embracing of their pediatric dental experience dental experience has helped their child grow more confident and secure in other areas of their life.  Not to mention that they did not to have their child subjected to unnecessary sedation.

Finding a pediatric dentist who is experienced with special needs children may be a daunting task. Below, the Drs. Lasky offer several tips to help you find the perfect pediatric dentist for your family and your child’s particular needs:

  • Ask your local Autism Speaks group or other similar organization for recommendations
  • Ask other parents or neighbors or teachers for pediatric dentist referrals
  • Make sure you get several recommendations, meet the dentists to ask about their methods and philosophy
  • Don’t be afraid to “shop around” – you should feel comfortable with the entire staff and not just the doctor
  • Go with your gut and you will find the right pediatric dentist for your child

If you live in the Greater Los Angeles area, the Lasky Pediatric Dental Group always welcomes young patients on the autism spectrum or with other special needs to their practice.  You may call one of our offices or email us with any questions and in case of pediatric dental emergency, please call their 24/7 EMERGENCY PAGER: 818.215.0102.

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Poison Prevention – What Parents Need to Know

During this year’s Poison Prevention Week, we were reminded of the many ways you can protect your child from accidental poisoning. While the statistics may be scary – almost two million calls made to the poison prevention hotline each year and of those almost half are children under the age of five – the solutions are simple.

Dr. Michael and Dr. Jill Lasky are ardent supporters of, the national organization dedicated to keeping our children safe from the preventable causes of accidents and death. Their website has several great articles on poison prevention, medication safety and a great infographic that are great information resources.

At the Lasky Pediatric Dental Group, many parents ask us about the safety of fluoride in toothpastes. While fluoride may be Most of us are aware of the usual offenders, household cleaners, prescription and non-prescription medications, art supplies, and personal care products -including makeup, to name a few. But how many of you have thought about the dangers of fluoride

D But – how often do you take inventory to insure these and other potentially deadly products are well out of the reach of your child? The Safe Kids Organization offers many great articles and resources for all to learn about poison prevention from on storing through disposal of hazardous items.

it would be a great time to re-iterate the

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Lasky Pediatric Dental Team Enjoys Kids Day Out Event
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Lasky Pediatric Dental Team Enjoys Kids Day Out Event

Dr. Jill Lasky and members of her Lasky Pediatric Dental Team attended the Kids Day Out Event this past Sunday in Pasadena.  Dental hygienist, Maral, brought her two daughters to help out at the Lasky Pediatric Dental Booth.

Dr. Jill and the team spent there day meeting and greeting the families, handing out balloons and toothbrushes for the children.  More importantly, the pediatric dentist was answering questions on teething, proper tooth brushing technique and other oral hygiene issues.

At noon, Dr. Jill did a formal presentation for parents of kids ages 3 months-5 years on the best way to reduce your child’s risk of getting a cavity and the best way to clean your child’s teeth.

The Lasky Pediatric Dental Team is committed to community service and parent education.  If you would like to have Dr. Michaela and Dr. Jill Lasky speak at your event, please call us at the office number above.

Lasky Kids Day Out 3
                   Lasky Kids Day Out 4 Lasky Kids Day Out 5

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Pediatric Dental Education at Health & Fitness Fair
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Pediatric Dental Education at Health & Fitness Fair

Dr. Jill Lasky and registered dental assistant, Jackie Diaz, attended the Burbank Temple EmanuEl Health and Fitness Fair. At the Lasky Pediatric Dental Group booth, families received teeth-brushing demos, information of some of LPDG’s recommended oral health care products for children and small giveaways. More importantly, Dr. Jill and Jackie were there to answer parents’ and children’s questions about good oral health care and developing good dental habits.

The Burbank Temple Emanuel Health and Fitness Fair had a great turnout and children loved the LPDG balloons, toothbrushes and getting their own low-tech hourglass timer – to remind them to brush for at least two minutes! There were several other booths highlighting stress management, optimal health, body-fat testing, personal training and more.

It was a great day for all involved and Drs. Michael and Jill Lasky and their team really enjoy doing these educational events at pre-schools, temples, churches, special needs fairs and community centers. Dr. Michael and Jill’s commitment to oral health care education is an integral part of their commitment to community service for the greater Los Angeles area and beyond. If you would like to schedule one of them and/a team member to speak to your school or group, please call either of the offices at the numbers on the header.

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Lasky Pediatric Group
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Lasky Pediatric Group “Gives Kids A Smile”

Give Kids A Smile Program LogoFor almost four years now, Drs. Michael and Jill Lasky have volunteered their expertise for the American Dental Association’s Give Kids A Smile® (GKAS) program.  Give Kids A Smile®  provides much-needed oral health screenings, care and education to underserved children in their local communities. Drs. Michael and Jill Lasky coordinate their participation in this program through the  San Fernando Valley Dental Association which has additional information and resources for families and children in need of dental care on their website.

Last week, the Napa Street Elementary School in Northridge, California got a visit from Dr. Michael Lasky, who was able to screen about 25 pre-school age children for dental disease and to help introduce them to an oral health care exam.  All  children went home with “report cards” to inform their parents of the state of their dental health and if further examinations or treatments were necessary.  Dr. Michael reports that he was pleased that only seven of the children showed signs of decay.  The SFVDA and/or the GKAS program can  help parents identify a low or no-cost dental clinic or pediatric dentist who can perform any needed 3 photo 5

From the ADA website:

The American Dental Association began the Give Kids A Smile program in 2003 as a way for dentists to join with others in the community to provide dental services to underserved children. The program initially began as a one-day event in February, but has since grown to local and national events year-round. Dentists and other team members volunteer their time, and services, to provide screenings, treatments and education to children throughout the United States. Each year, approximately 350,000 children benefit from more than 1,500 events, all because of the efforts of 40,000 or more annual volunteers.

February is National Dental Health Month and Dr. Jill, Dr. Michael and their registered dental hygienists have many visits planned to Los Angeles area pre-schools, kindergarten classes and community centers this month and beyond.  It is part of LPDG’s continuing commitment to community service, outreach and dental health education.  If you would like to schedule a visit from one of their pediatric dentists or one of the Lasky Pediatric Dental Group’s team, please call or email them at the information above.

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Join LPDG at the Mother's Haven Opening
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Join LPDG at the Mother’s Haven Opening

Join Dr. Michael and Jill Lasky at the grand opening and ribbon-cutting celebration for A Mother’s Haven boutique and education center in Encino. The pediatric dentists will be available to answer any of your child’s oral health care concerns and will be giving out goodies for the kids.

Mother’s Haven is located at 16101 Ventura Blvd and the event starts at 2pm and runs until 5pm. There is ample underground parking.

For more information on A Mother’s Haven products and classes, please click here to go to their website.


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Come to L.A. Parent Magazine Special Needs Fair
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Come to L.A. Parent Magazine Special Needs Fair

Our friends at  LA PARENT Magazine invite you to join them for their first Resource Fair for families with special needs at the Zimmer Children’s Museum (6505 Wilshire Blvd., #100, L.A) tomorrow Sunday December 7th.  The kids can enjoy riding in a plane, shopping in Main Street, cooking in the Blue Bagel Cafe and letting their imaginations soar at the Water Ways and in the Construction Zone at the interactive museum.

In addition, there will be live entertainment, face painting and fun prizes! There will also be lots of information on resources available for families with special needs  The fun begins at 12:30pm and runs until 5pm and admission is free for all and walk ups are welcome.

For more information, please go to LA PARENT website by clicking here.

Hope you check it out!

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Halloween Candy Buy Back to Benefit Operation Gratitude and Our American Troops
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Halloween Candy Buy Back to Benefit Operation Gratitude and Our American Troops

Halloween pumpkinIt’s hard to believe that Halloween is just a few days away, and no doubt children everywhere are gearing for their yearly ritual of gathering tons of Halloween candy. Drs. Michael and Jill Lasky are not just pediatric dentists but they are parents of two school age sons. Each year, they too have to deal with the voluminous amounts of candy that their boys bring home.

How do they handle it?  Dr. Michael shared that they would allow their boys to eat all the candy that they wanted only on Halloween. Then later that night after the boys were asleep, he and Jill would hide it away.  He also reveals, “When the candy was out of sight the next day it was out of the boys’ mind. But that meant Jill and I would hit the hiding place for our own sugar rush.” That might not be an optimum solution for parents who are trying limit their intake of sweets and LPDG has even a better solution.

This year, the Lasky Pediatric Group is inviting parents to gather their post-Halloween stash owrewards their children for giving up their candy for a very worthy cause – Operation Gratitude’s 2014 Halloween Candy Buy Back program. Many dentists from all over the country have joined this program and LPDG is excited to be one of them.

Our Halloween Candy Buy Back program starts on Saturday, November 1st and runs until the end of the day November 6th. Families are encouraged to bring their leftover candy to either one of the Lasky Pediatric Dental Group’s offices during regular business hours. LPDG will pay $1.00 per pound (up to $5.00 per child) and then they will turn it over to Operation Gratitude which will distribute this candy to American troops stationed all over the world.

For more information about Operation Gratitude please check out this link  and if you don’t live in the San Fernando Valley this link  will help you find a participating dentist in your area. For all other inquiries, please feel free to call our office.

Here’s wishing all a safe and bountiful Halloween and a not so gentle reminder to remember to brush your teeth at least twice a day!

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Join LPDG at Our Lady of Grace Encino's Fall Carnival 2014
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Join LPDG at Our Lady of Grace Encino’s Fall Carnival 2014

The Lasky Pediatric Dental Group invites you to come out to the Our Lady of Grace Church Fall Carnival 2014 which starts this Friday, October 17th and runs until Sunday, October 19th. OLG located at 17720 Ventura Blvd off of White Oak Avenue in Encino. For ride enthusiasts, you’ll find Twister, Skydiver Ferris Wheel and Bumper Cars to name a few.  The church grounds will be filled with  booths with games for children of all ages, foodtrucks serving up their finest fare and on stage, musical entertainment of all genres all weekend long..

LPDG Pumpkin MouthLPDG Team members will be manning a booth to promote good dental habits for kids – a very important service especially since their booth will be next to the carnival’s cotton candy stand!  In addition to answering any questions, families may have about their child’s oral hygiene routine, there will be giveaways of toothbrushes, balloons, and toys.  Plus, a demonstration of the very popular and effective children’s flossing system, GumChucks.

Lasky Sonicare PhotoThe proceeds from the OLG Carnival will support many of their school’s programs and if you can’t make it there,  you can also support OLG through their online-silent auction.  Click on this link, to be taken to the Bidding For Good/OLG site,  which is up now and will end precisely at 5pm on Sunday, October 19th.  Here’s your chance to pick up some great items including a Phillips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush and Kid’s Oral Health Care Kit.

For more information on the OLG Carnival and to purchase tickets in advance, please go to the event’s website and we hope to see you there!

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