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Maral, RDH

It’s no surprise that Wonder Woman is Maral’s favorite superhero because besides being an excellent hygienist she is a mother to two busy teenage girls. She loves working with kids and showing them what a positive experience the dental world can be.

Lisette, RDH

Hearing the cute words that come out of our patients’ mouth and her "work family” are Lissette’s favorite things about working at LPDG. Lissette not only brings her bright smile to work every day, she also regularly goes to schools and community events to educate children on the best way to keep the sugar bugs away!

Elena, RDH

Elena is a proud mother of twin teenage girls and their toy poodle Teddy. The wonderful care she provides to all at LPDG is inspired Buddha’s words, “If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path.”

Laura, RDH

As a mother to 5 and grandmother to 6 working with children comes very natural to her. Over the past 3 decades, she has provided loving care to our patients at LPDG. She keeps her life balanced by traveling to visit her grandchildren while listening to her favorite country music songs.

LPDG Website Photo Template.png
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Amanda, RDH

Amanda loves working with kids because she is able to see her patients grow into their beautiful smile. This California  native is a true LA sports fan who enjoys chatting with her patients about her Dodgers or her alma mater the USC Trojans.

Jenn, RDH

Helping children achieve a healthy smile at our office, in a classroom, or at community outreach events is what Jenn values most about being a hygienist. She has a creative spark that’s always coming up with fun new ways to educate little ones. Jenn’s favorite color maybe black but she definitely has a heart of gold.

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