Karen, RDA

“Live Life to its Fullest” is the moto Karen lives by. From her perfect sparkly painted nails to the spicy foods she loves to eat, Karen gives everything 100% and it shows by the large numbers of kids who are excited to come back to the dentist because of the trust she’s earned and the relationships she fosters.

Victor, RDA

Victor has earned the title of “Best Picture Taker in the World” due to his ability to make the x-ray equipment inviting and familiar to even our young patients who may need an x-ray. While helping kids overcome their fears is his favorite part of his job, watching his LA Dodgers win with his daughter puts an extra wide smile (and dimple) on his face.

Victor-fun 1.jpg

Yvonne, RDA

As the most experienced member of the LPDG team, Yvonne has truly dedicated her professional life to “Nurturing Healthy Smiles.” After a day of helping to keep our office well stocked and organized, she can be found working out to 80’s Rock or easily keeping up with her 9 grandchildren and dog Lulu.

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