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The best new way to get your child to use dental floss - Gumchuks

GumChucks – A Funner Way to Floss

As a convenience for our patients, the Lasky Pediatric Dental Group will be showcasing some of our favorite and effective oral care products for your children. We hope to provide parents a way to easily access information or purchase, what we believe are the most effective and cutting-edge dental care products on the market today.

In some cases, we are affiliate partners, meaning we may receive a small commission for the sales of those products (which are donated to one of LPDG’s favorite charities) but in most cases, we are not.

As pediatric dentists, our ultimate goal is to promote and maintain your child’s excellent oral health care and to help them develop good dental habits that will last their lifetime.  New products are popping up all the time that help make that goal a lot easier for them to do.

To review the products, select from the dropdown menu above and if  you ever have any questions about any of the products showcased on those pages, please feel free to contact any of the product vendors directly, or ask us at your next appointment or drop us an email by clicking here at anytime.

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Dr. Michael Lasky | Dr. Jill Lasky