Maintain Your Child's Oral Hygiene at Sleep Away Camp

Your Child’s Oral Hygiene at Sleep Away Camp

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We don’t want your last words to your kids as they start camp this summer to be, “Remember to brush…Remember to brush…!”

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Let’s face it, remembering to brush for two minutes twice a day is not going to be on your child’s mind while at camp. So here are some packing tips to help keep the cavity bugs away while at camp.

1. Pack one travel size toothpaste tube for every two weeks away. This way you can monitor how much brushing really went on AND they can’t say they couldn’t find it or it ran out.

2. Pack more that one tooth brush. Pack one per week. This way, the toothbrush’s accidental fall to the camp bathroom floor can not be used as an excuse for not brushing. Come into our office. We will supply you with a few extra brushes.

3. If your child is due for their dental cleaning this summer, schedule it for AFTER they come back from camp and let them know about the appointment BEFORE they go. If they happen to forget to brush more than they brushed while away, the Lasky Pediatric Dental Group Team can clean them up and get them back on track with good oral hygiene once they are “home sweet home.”


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