Ventura Blvd. Magazine Features Dr. Jill Lasky

Dr. Jill Lasky featured in Ventura Blvd Magazine
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This fall, Dr. Jill Lasky had a featured appearance in the San Fernando Valley’s Ventura Blvd. Magazine, entitled, “Nuturing Healthy Smiles.” In the article, she offered parents some simple, but effective dental tips to help them keep their children’s teeth at optimum health.  Some of the tips included, helping children to make better choices in drinks, choosing snacks that are less likely to produce cavities and why it’s important to have a regular mealtime.
Dr. Jill Lasky Dental Tips

Dr. Lasky continues to be committed to dental education as a very important element of a dental care routine, which includes frequent brushing and making good food choices. She believes that it’s never too early to start parents teaching their children proper oral care so they can spend less time in the dentist’s chair.

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