Trick or Treat AND Toothcare Too!

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Halloween PumpkinOctober is the time of year when children of all ages – even many adults – cheerfully anticipate Halloween festivities.  What costumes to wear, what treats to give out and what goodies will be collected on neighborhood jaunts are some of the questions on many celebrants minds.

As pediatric dentists, the Lasky Pediatric Group team teaches that children should limit their daily intake of sweets and brush their at least twice a day.  Recently, when two of their patients came up with a unique Halloween community service project, the Lasky Pediatric Dental Group was very happy to help them fulfill their mission.

Lasky Patients'  the Katz BrothersMeet the Katz brothers who are two of Dr. Michael Lasky’s patients and elementary students at the Buckley School in Sherman Oaks.  This year for Halloween they came up with a community service project to be Halloween fairies.  But how? By making a couple hundred goody bags to hand out to children who aren’t able to go out trick or treating.

Now,  not only are their goody bags filled with candy and treats, the Lasky Pediatric Dental Group has donated 200 tooth brushes and 200 toothpaste tubes, so that the recipients of the goodie bags could enjoy their treats but make sure they were keeping up with proper oral care.

We will be updating you after the boys complete their community service project.


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