Poison Prevention – What Parents Need to Know

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During this year’s Poison Prevention Week, we were reminded of the many ways you can protect your child from accidental poisoning. While the statistics may be scary – almost two million calls made to the poison prevention hotline each year and of those almost half are children under the age of five – the solutions are simple.

Dr. Michael and Dr. Jill Lasky are ardent supporters of SafeKids.org, the national organization dedicated to keeping our children safe from the preventable causes of accidents and death. Their website has several great articles on poison prevention, medication safety and a great infographic that are great information resources.

At the Lasky Pediatric Dental Group, many parents ask us about the safety of fluoride in toothpastes. While fluoride may be Most of us are aware of the usual offenders, household cleaners, prescription and non-prescription medications, art supplies, and personal care products -including makeup, to name a few. But how many of you have thought about the dangers of fluoride

D But – how often do you take inventory to insure these and other potentially deadly products are well out of the reach of your child? The Safe Kids Organization offers many great articles and resources for all to learn about poison prevention from on storing through disposal of hazardous items.

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