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How to Find a Pediatric Dentist?
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How to Find a Pediatric Dentist?

Whether you are a new parent looking for your first pediatric dentist or are trying to find a new one, do you know the right questions to ask so you can find the best dental home for your family? Dr. Michael Lasky gives some of the best questions parents should ask when looking for a new oral health care practitioner for your child.

Please feel free to call us at the Lasky Pediatric Dental Group during regular business hours if you have any more questions:
818-465-7545 or if you have a DENTAL EMERGENCY, Drs. Michael and Jill Lasky can be reached on our 24/7 EMERGENCY PAGER: 818-215-0102

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Why Choose A Pediatric Dentist?
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Why Choose A Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric Dentists are considered primary care doctors the same as pediatricians.  It is a dental specialty that requires additional specialized training to be able to provide oral health care for children ranging in age from first tooth to their teenage years.

In this segment, Dr. Michael Lasky of the Lasky Pediatric Dental Group explains why parents should choose a pediatric dentist over a general dentist for their child’s oral health care.  In addition to receiving a dental degree, Dr. Michael Lasky goes into detail about the additional courses required to become a pediatric dentist.

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Your Visit to LPDG
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Your Visit to LPDG


What to Expect at Your Child’s Visit to Lasky Pediatric Dental Group

Parents are the ones who do the interviewing to find a pediatric dentist for their children. Or they will ask for referrals from other parents. Did you ever wonder what the kids think about going to their dentist?

Simona is a patient at Lasky Pediatric Dental Group and tells us about her experience at LPDG with Dr. Jill Lasky and Dr. Michael Lasky and what a young patient can expect on a visit to her pediatric dentists.

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Autism Awareness Month 2016
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Autism Awareness Month 2016

Saturday April 2, 2016, was World Autism Awareness day and L.A’s Autism Speaks Walk marked the official kick-off of our city’s celebration of Autism Awareness Month,  a worldwide movement consisting of a series of events and fundraisers to educate and enlist support of those not directly affected by someone with autism. Dr. Micheal and Dr. Jill Lasky are longtime supporters of the L.A. event and its founding organization Autism Speaks.  Over the past few years, the Lasky Pediatric Group team has participated in this fundraising walk or have supported patients’ families who had created walking teams.

This year, the Autism Speaks Walk 2016 raised over $1.2 million dollars which will go to support research, education, and family support programs. For more information about Autism Speaks or to make a donation help them meet their goal, please go to the Autism Speaks Los Angeles Walk 2016  website.

Autism Speaks LA Walk 2015The Lasky Pediatric Dental Group holds their young patients on the autism spectrum as well as those with other special needs in a special place in their heart.  Many parents come to find the Lasky Pediatric Dental group after many years and just as many unsuccessful attempts to get their child proper pediatric dental care with or without sedation. Dr. Michael and Dr. Jill are known for their high success rate in caring for special needs children with no sedation, although they have it just in case.  The Drs. Lasky and their team of dental assistants, hygienists, and even the front desk personnel, are all highly experienced and sensitive to the needs of these very special patients and their families.

How do Dr. Michael and Dr. Jill  succeed where some other pediatric dentists may fail? Both of their Studio City and Tarzana offices were specifically designed to look like an average a living room, with couches, chairs and a child’s play area.  The one thing you won’t find in their offices, are TVs or video games, also purposefully done to prevent  overstimulating all of their young patients.

A young patient gets a pediatric dental exam on Dr. Jill Lasky's lap.Again, while many pediatric dentists prefer to sedate the special needs or highly fearful patient, Dr. Michael and Dr. Jill may use
it as a very last resort. Their gentle and effective method – scheduling several short visits over weeks or months, as long as it takes – eases a child into the dental experience.  Plus, the Drs. Lasky will treat a child where she or he is more comfortable which can be in their home-like waiting room, on the floor near the toy box or on a parent’s lap. Other siblings or family members are also invited to participate in the “treatment” of the child to make him or her more at ease.

It’s a very happy day for all, when one of their special needs patients allows Dr. Michael or Dr. Jill to look in their mouth and proceed with an exam. Some parents say that their embracing of their pediatric dental experience dental experience has helped their child grow more confident and secure in other areas of their life.  Not to mention that they did not to have their child subjected to unnecessary sedation.

Finding a pediatric dentist who is experienced with special needs children may be a daunting task. Below, the Drs. Lasky offer several tips to help you find the perfect pediatric dentist for your family and your child’s particular needs:

  • Ask your local Autism Speaks group or other similar organization for recommendations
  • Ask other parents or neighbors or teachers for pediatric dentist referrals
  • Make sure you get several recommendations, meet the dentists to ask about their methods and philosophy
  • Don’t be afraid to “shop around” – you should feel comfortable with the entire staff and not just the doctor
  • Go with your gut and you will find the right pediatric dentist for your child

If you live in the Greater Los Angeles area, the Lasky Pediatric Dental Group always welcomes young patients on the autism spectrum or with other special needs to their practice.  You may call one of our offices or email us with any questions and in case of pediatric dental emergency, please call their 24/7 EMERGENCY PAGER: 818.215.0102.

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Poison Prevention – What Parents Need to Know

During this year’s Poison Prevention Week, we were reminded of the many ways you can protect your child from accidental poisoning. While the statistics may be scary – almost two million calls made to the poison prevention hotline each year and of those almost half are children under the age of five – the solutions are simple.

Dr. Michael and Dr. Jill Lasky are ardent supporters of SafeKids.org, the national organization dedicated to keeping our children safe from the preventable causes of accidents and death. Their website has several great articles on poison prevention, medication safety and a great infographic that are great information resources.

At the Lasky Pediatric Dental Group, many parents ask us about the safety of fluoride in toothpastes. While fluoride may be Most of us are aware of the usual offenders, household cleaners, prescription and non-prescription medications, art supplies, and personal care products -including makeup, to name a few. But how many of you have thought about the dangers of fluoride

D But – how often do you take inventory to insure these and other potentially deadly products are well out of the reach of your child? The Safe Kids Organization offers many great articles and resources for all to learn about poison prevention from on storing through disposal of hazardous items.

it would be a great time to re-iterate the


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LPDG Named Angie's List Contributor
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LPDG Named Angie’s List Contributor

Lasky Pediatric Dental Group is excited to announce that one of our submissions to the Angie’s List Experts Contributor Program was accepted!  The post on mouthguard safety is the first of hopefully many Dr. Jill Lasky (and Dr. Michael Lasky, too!) adds to the Angie’s List Experts Blog on children’s dentistry and oral health care.

Here’s a link to click on to read the final article on Mouthguard Safety.



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First Time Parents - FAQ's
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First Time Parents – FAQ’s

In honor of National Dental Health Month, we are giving you some answers to the frequently asked questions from first time parents. A lot has changed since today’s parents have gone to the dentist and there are some updated methods and new equipment but belo

1. Why choose a pediatric dentist over a “regular” dentist?

Following dental school, the Lasky Pediatric Dental Group dentists have undergone an additional two years of training that focused on the specific issues involved with younger patients.  We believe that we are uniquely qualified in the areas of the growth and development of their teeth and jaws, orthodontics, sedation dentistry and how to treat the anxious patient or one with special health needs.

2.  When’s the best time to bring my child in for their first dental exam with a pediatric dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists  recommends that your child sees a pediatric dentist by their first birthday or around the time their first tooth erupts. These early visits are used to look at the child’s mouth and discuss any concerns you as the parent may have. We will discuss the best ways to brush your child’s teeth, which areas you might be missing, create a personalized hygiene program, review your child’s individual, diet, habits (thumb, finger or pacifier), decay potential, and how often your child should see the dentist.

3. What to expect at your child’s first visit to the pediatric dentist’s office?

Depending on the age of your child, you can expect an examination, cleaning, and, if necessary, fluoride treatment.  These procedures can be done many different ways, depending on the cooperation level of the child.  In fact, we will even examine a child’s mouth in our waiting room sitting on his or her parent’s lap.

At each subsequent visit, your pediatric dentist will assess the child’s needs and anxiety level and alter the treatment accordingly to make the visit a pleasant one and allay any fears.

4. If my child hurts his mouth outside of regular business hours what should we do?

First assess the injury and, if the child has knocked out a tooth, make sure you find the tooth and pick it up by the enamel portion. Do NOT try to put it back into the socket! If it is an adult tooth, rinse it off and put it in water or milk and make sure you call your pediatric dentist as soon as possible.

Please note that the Lasky Pediatric Dental Group is here for our patients 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. We have an after hours emergency number 818.213.1087to be used in case of a dental emergency. And while many pediatric dental situations can be assessed and handled over the phone, we will determine at that time if your child needs to be seen immediately or if you can wait to see us the next business day.

These are only a few of the most common frequently asked questions for first time parents. If you have any other questions, feel free to email us or call us at our office 818-465-7545 at any time. Our goal is to provide your child with exceptional oral health care and allay any parents concerns and fears about creating good oral health habits at home.

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Protecting Your Child's Smile
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Protecting Your Child’s Smile

If your child is participating in any sport during this school year, Drs. Michael and Jill Lasky recommend your child children playing sportsbe fitted with a custom mouthguard. So, just as you wouldn’t let your child play without a football helmet or shin guards, it would be a wise decision to add a custom-fitted mouthguard to their list of protective gear.

The  American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry states about 39 percent of childhood dental injuries reported are sports related. Mouthguards do help to prevent injury to the teeth, lips, cheeks and tongue. They can also help protect your child against head and neck injuries that could otherwise cause concussions or jaw fractures.

A Custom-fitted Mouthguard from your Pediatric Dentist is the best way to Protect Your Child's Smile

A Custom-fitted mouthguard from your Pediatric Dentist is the best way to protect your child’s smile

There are over the counter solutions, but only a custom made mouthguard from your pediatric dentist will give your child the best fit and comfort – you know that if it doesn’t feel good your child won’t wear it regularly- if at all. Lastly and most importantly, it is the best protection against possible permanent damage to their teeth and jaw.

While mouthguards are not required in most sports and it is not impossible to eliminate all risk of dental injury during sports activities, Drs. Michael and Jill say one will significantly decrease the frequency and severity of these
injuries with proper protective gear. In fact, both children and adults would benefit from getting one – especially in high contact sports such as football, soccer, ice hockey, basketball, lacrosse, and field hockey.

To read more about the types of mouthguards you can check out this article http://www.webmd.com/oral-health/guide/mouth-guards or better yet, give Lasky Pediatric Dental a call, Drs. Michael and Jill are available to talk to you about getting one fitted especially for your child.
Children need mouthguard

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Lasky Pediatric Dental Team Enjoys Kids Day Out Event
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Lasky Pediatric Dental Team Enjoys Kids Day Out Event

Dr. Jill Lasky and members of her Lasky Pediatric Dental Team attended the Kids Day Out Event this past Sunday in Pasadena.  Dental hygienist, Maral, brought her two daughters to help out at the Lasky Pediatric Dental Booth.

Dr. Jill and the team spent there day meeting and greeting the families, handing out balloons and toothbrushes for the children.  More importantly, the pediatric dentist was answering questions on teething, proper tooth brushing technique and other oral hygiene issues.

At noon, Dr. Jill did a formal presentation for parents of kids ages 3 months-5 years on the best way to reduce your child’s risk of getting a cavity and the best way to clean your child’s teeth.

The Lasky Pediatric Dental Team is committed to community service and parent education.  If you would like to have Dr. Michaela and Dr. Jill Lasky speak at your event, please call us at the office number above.

Lasky Kids Day Out 3
                   Lasky Kids Day Out 4 Lasky Kids Day Out 5

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Piccolo Universe Features Dr. Jill Lasky
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Piccolo Universe Features Dr. Jill Lasky

Superstar Ricky Martin's first children's bookDrs. Michael and Jill Lasky are often called upon to contribute their expertise to a variety of publications – off and online – about pediatric dentistry and children’s oral health care. But recently when Dr. Jill was interviewed for an article, we were really honored and excited that it would be for the multi-lingual parenting blog Piccolo Universe, founded by international superstar, author and philanthropist, Ricky Martin. Here’s a link to the post entitled, First Trip to the Dentist: 5 things You Must Ask, here which has some very valuable information for new parents.

Superstar Ricky Martin's first children's bookRicky Martin rose to fame at a very early age in 1977 as one of the members of one of the first and most successful boy bands, Menudo. Since then he has sold over 70 million world wide , and has had 95 platinum records, six #1 Billboard albums, 11 Number 1 hit songs, two American Music Awards, one Grammy Awards, eight World Music Awards, three Billboard Music Awards, eight MTV Music Video Awards, with concerts in more than 60 countries across the globe.

Yet, despite this phenomenal success, Martin’s biggest achievement and most favorite role is that as father to his twin boys, Valentino and Matteo, now aged 7. He has been a hands-on father since their birth and he credits them with the inspiration for writing his first children’s book, “Santiago The Dreamer in Land Among The Stars,” released in 2013.  In addition, he then created the multi-lingual parenting community Piccolo as a place where members can explore, contribute, and connect with other parents and caregivers.

If you don’t know about the Piccolo Universe community, we suggest you check it out.  Articles by experts, parents and community members in English, Spanish and Portuguese make it a site for all parents, families and caregivers.

Here’s  founder Ricky Martin tell you why he started this community:

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