Lasky Pediatric Dental Team Enjoys Kids Day Out Event

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Dr. Jill Lasky and members of her Lasky Pediatric Dental Team attended the Kids Day Out Event this past Sunday in Pasadena.  Dental hygienist, Maral, brought her two daughters to help out at the Lasky Pediatric Dental Booth.

Dr. Jill and the team spent there day meeting and greeting the families, handing out balloons and toothbrushes for the children.  More importantly, the pediatric dentist was answering questions on teething, proper tooth brushing technique and other oral hygiene issues.

At noon, Dr. Jill did a formal presentation for parents of kids ages 3 months-5 years on the best way to reduce your child’s risk of getting a cavity and the best way to clean your child’s teeth.

The Lasky Pediatric Dental Team is committed to community service and parent education.  If you would like to have Dr. Michaela and Dr. Jill Lasky speak at your event, please call us at the office number above.

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