Emma’s Children Discovers One of our Favorites

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The popular blog, Emma’s Children, recently discovered one of the Lasky Pediatric Dental Groups favorite products, GUMCHUCKS on our website and its creator, Emma Jenner (who is an accomplished child development specialist) did quite an extensive review of one of our “favorites” and you can read it on her blog here.

Emma's Children Website

As most parents know, getting your child (or children) to brush their teeth regularly can be a daunting task, let alone getting them to floss regularly, as well.  It’s great to hear another mother’s (and professional’s) take on how Gumchucks encourages regular flossing by putting the fun in flossing.  GumChucks are proving to be “The Ultimate Attack on Plaque” as their website states.

The Lasky Pediatric Group team also recommends that you also check out more from Emma’s blog  for other interesting and informative subjects as well as her professional website as  source of valuable knowledge about parent-child relationships.  After you take a look, we’d love to know know what you think!


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