Does my 1st or 2nd grader need to visit the orthodontist?

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The true answer to that question is…..Maybe yes, Maybe no.

The pediatric dentists at Lasky Pediatric Dental Group are trained to notice the subtle dental problems, which may indicate the onset of more serious orthodontic issues. Many orthodontic issues are much easier to address if treated and corrected during a child’s development.

If you’re wondering if your child might have a need for orthodontic care consulting with one of the dentist at the Lasky Pediatric Dental Group should be your first step. We work closely with numerous top orthodontists to ensure your child receives the best care. Here are a few of the most common warning signs of orthodontic issues:

Sucking the thumb, the fingers, or any other oral sucking habits that continue after the age of six

Overbite – when the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth by more than 5mm
• Top front teeth that cover more than 25% of the bottom teeth while biting

Underbite – when the top front teeth go behind the bottom row of teeth when biting

Crossbite – when one or more teeth tilt toward the cheek or toward the tongue causing excessive stress on the jawbone

Crowded, crooked, overlapped, misshapen, misplaced teeth or extra teeth of any size

A jaw that protrudes, or recedes, too much

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