Lasky Pediatric Dental Group Supports Dixie Canyon Elementary Spell-a-thon

Dixie Canyon SpellAthon Students Thank Lasky Pediatric Dental Group
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Dixie Canyon SpellAthon Student Thanks Lasky Pediatric Dental GroupLate last year, one of Lasky Pediatric Dental Group’s families requested donations for their annual Dixie Canyon Elementary School
Spell-a-thon. LPDG donated a bonus prize package of children’s oral health care supplies to support the students’ participation.

The Dixie Canyon Spell-a-thon is run entirely by volunteers and is based on student participation. All profits go directly to the school and on final tally this year’s Spell-a-thon raised almost $16,000.  Parents say it was the most successful fundraiser of the year.

In a letter to LPDG, Mia Daveline, one of the mom volunteers wrote, “We are so grateful for Lasky Pediatric Dental’s participation in our Spell-a-thon and we’re so thankful for their support of our school.”

A picture says a thousand words, then the photos Daveline supplied show some very happy Dixie Canyon students.thank you

Lasky Pediatric Dental Group is committed to the ongoing support our local schools and other non-profit organizations.  If you have a request for donations for your event, please click here to be sent to our contact page.

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